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We Provide Intraday nifty tips, banknifty tips ,mcx tips, stock future tips with highest accuracy


Yes We made "Intraday Trading Just Fun" for you
Do not worry when you are joining hands with us as India's one of the best Intraday advisory.

We are in this industry for more than eleven year now with consistent profit consistency.
Our duty is to preserve your capital first then making money by Intraday Trading in some sure moves of Bank Nifty Future or Mcx Instruments or Stock Futures we advise.
We will give stop loss , which you need to understand first.
Stop loss is a level upto which we are able to run our losses , so act technically , never ever run the stop loss level provided by us.
You may be our Bank Nifty tips , Mcx tips , stock future tips client , above statement applies to each and every client in our client portfolio.
For high volatile instruments like Bank Nifty Future , Mcx Silver , Mcx Gold , Mcx crude keep some room at stop loss level.
For example we prefer 5 points room in bank nifty future , same for silver or gold etc highly volatile instruments.
Now the mantra is "never turn profit into loss" , so , we try to trail stop loss towards entry level as and when ever we get opportunity to do so.
Do not think every day magic is possible in intraday trading , but making some money on consistent basis is the best possibility on a consistent basis.
We will be waiting for the right time to take the right entry with stop loss , you also need to learn waiting for the right time with us as our esteemed client member.
Money is not flying every time in any market , so be prepared to take action when ever we are advising to en cash a particular profitable trading opportunity or trade able sure move.
We are using highest speed sms servers to reach advise to you within 2/3 seconds inside India anywhere as well as out side India.
Our another mantra is "eat fresh but eat every day". (making money every day by trading on intraday basis with our sure shot intraday tips).
As professionals we will en cash good moves if there is good move in the particular instrument you are trading with us.
But last but not least , please try to understand that every move is not trade able by us (as we are also humans , not the Almighty God).

Lets come and join hands with us for a fruit full long term relationship.
We need your blessing and cooperation to walk a long way together.

With best regards from TradeLiving (team)
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