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We Provide Intraday nifty tips, banknifty tips ,mcx tips, stock future tips with highest accuracy reviews by our paid clients who are satisfied with our constant hard work. 

We believe in blessings all we get from our clients. Long road ahead. Hope we will walk forward all together. - thanks and regards,  team

"Boss really you guys know the market heart beat. I like your attitute - talk less and work hard. hats off you guys" - rajesh bhartia(dehradun)

"Sir, keep it up, I joined you after soo many services, after loosing good chunk with them. Any way in your words jo gaya so gaya. yes making money is fun with you. thanks a lot". - asish chutani(navi mumbai)

"Excellent calls, after joining you now my trading volume getting high now a days. All thanks to you bhaia and your team, yes your team show me the meaning - trading for living. many thanks bhaia god bless you all .Long live" - anurag sharma (kolkata)

"Nothing to say. What else? With this service since Feb2008. Aur kya?" - suresh agrawal(mumbai) 

"Too good. I like your calls. Never miss a single one." - senthil teja (vishakhapattanam)

"Ya i made real money with you. Not much, just thumbs up" - neha jain(kolkata)

"I like your words more, everyday is a new day for us as daytraders and dont worry we will make something today. What a simple word... but really sir your team is doing this simple thing days in n out with out fail. With you since a year now. Just carry all your simple and good plans. With this team allways" - sankar swaminathan (bangalore)

"Basically selected this service as i seen no false commitment, no overperformance show off, in nutshell service is good." - sunny kaur (new delhi)

" Your call is good, just carry on" - parag rai (jamshedpur)

" I must say the best nifty future call i ever had. After spending soo much money and lost with other services really i lost hope anyone can really make money in nifty trading at all, but you guys kept your words. LOL one oscar award for you guys" - anis ahmed (bangalore)

14-jan-2013 :- "I argued a lot at beginning but you took time to make me understood the entry and then i learn this is the impersonal game , as you keep telling every time , yes , you guys know the game well" = amresh jatin shah (mcx full client since 2013)

22-March-2013:- "You know the ping pong of bank nifty like no one knows well in the world , congrats from the bottom of my heart suji" = paresh agrawal (Bank nifty life long client , delhi)

24-Sep-2013 :- "yes I re read every time the page , money catching net , ha ha joking , but yes your works are like a samurai for me, long live guys" = javed khan (bank nifty client , bhopal)

22-Dec-2013 :- "you are god of crude oil moves boss , and now I know the secret of your work , only hard work pays off , hands up .btw, hey rajesh when to book your hotel man? when you are visiting man with your dslr ? " (this is a !YM chat trans by ankit patil from navi mumbai , he is our life long mcx full groups client since march 2013)

18-March-2014 :- I like your services of Mcx tips , i trade almost all calls , thanks :- suresh G mathew , chennai . 

28-Oct-2014 :- Keep up your effort , bless you to be the best in future :- lakhan somani (ex brigadier , Indian Army, now at Bangalore)

30-Nov-2014 :- "Markets are for professionals , consistency is the result of your hard work . Your group is made by favicol , blessing always for you from me you know" :- Rajesh Agarwal (repeat review by him , he is our Mcx and Nse segment life long member since 2008).

14-April-2015 :- What will move , when will start moving , fed up with crappy signals , my life is much easy now for you guys , thanks :- Mrs. Laly Shah (mumbai)

12-July-2015 :- I like your confidence of giving stop loss in futures segment , your strong point is this , keep up your good works. :- Raja Sorkar (pune)

19-Nov-2015 :- "You rudely told me to paper trade for full one month all your mcx advises , then put the real money . my god , previously all the advisers promised me 500000 per month profit ! I like your honesty , I am happy for your honesty . I am happy that you never ever advertise money back , loss recovery options, sure shot return like bull shits . Yes no one has magic stick as per your words . I fully understand now . My blessings for you !rude! boys" , "be rude only when you are honest" , Thanks from the bottom of my heart boys :- Jatin Shah (he was employed in USA for last 4 years and returned to India and started trading as a time pass game and lost a lot of money trading Nifty future, a funny & a 61 years old wise man! and our good friend , staying presently in mumbai)

Thanks a lot to all our members and wise friends to show us the right path.

We promise that we will keep our hard work day and night with out fail. 

We need more blessings


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