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Bank Nifty Tips Intraday, Nifty tips Performance Table

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  August 2016    Today's Trade 
   July 2016     2344 Points 
   June 2016     2622 Points 
   May 2016     2872 Points 
   April 2016     2755 Points 
   Mar 2016     3320 Points 
   Feb 2016     3679 Points 
   Jan 2016     3170 Points 
   Dec 2015     2359 Points 
   Nov 2015     2108 Points 
   Oct 2015     2289 Points 
  Sept 2015     4459 Points 
  August 2015     3986 Points 
  July 2015     3729 Points 
  June 2015     3924 Points 
  May 2015     4110 Points 
  April 2015     3854 Points 
  March 2015     4907 Points 
  Feb 2015     4715 Points 
  Jan 2015     4123 Points 
  Dec 2014     3398 Points 
  Nov 2014     2541 Points 
  Oct 2014     2754 Points 
 Sept 2014     3495 Points 
 August 2014     2585 Points 
  July 2014     3665 Points 
  June 2014     3688 Points 
  May 2014     4330 Points 
  April 2014     2621 Points 
  March 2014     2754 Points 
  Feb 2014     1813 Points 
  Jan 2014     2719 Points 
  Dec 2013     2044 Points 
  Nov 2013     2554 Points 
  Oct 2013     3467 Points 
 Sept 2013     3968 Points 
 August 2013     4944 Points 
  July 2013     3520 Points 
  June 2013     3185 Points 
  May 2013     4061 Points 
  April 2013     3425 Points 
  March 2013     2985 Points 
  Feb 2013     2826 Points 
  Jan 2013     2353 Points 
  Dec 2012     1780 Points 
  Nov 2012     1880 Points 
  Oct 2012     2350 Points 
  Sept 2012     2078 Points 
   Aug 2012     1935 Points 
   July 2012     2282 Points 
  June 2012     3121 Points 
  May 2012     3260 Points 
  April 2012     2602 Points  
 March 2012     3385 Points    Rs 338,500/-
  Feb 2012     2990 Points    Rs 299,900/-
  Jan-2012     2614 Points    Rs 261,400/-
  Dec-2011     2416 Points    Rs 241,600/-
  Nov-2011     2913 Points    Rs 291300/-
  Oct-2011     2126 Points    Rs 212,600/-
  Sep-2011     2643 Points    Rs 264,300/-
  Aug 2011     3512 Points    Rs 351,200/-
  July-2011     2388 Points    Rs 238,800/-
  June-2011     2034 Points    Rs 203,400/-
  May-2011     2334 Points    Rs 233,400/-
  April-2011     2024 Points    Rs 202,400
  March-2011     2445 Points   Rs 244,500/-
  Feb-2011     2267 Points   Rs 226,700/-
  Jan-2011    2259Points       Rs 225,900/-
  Dec-2010    2394 Points    Rs 239,400/-
  Nov-2010    2751 Points   Rs 275,100/-
  Oct-2010    1431 Points   Rs 143,100/-
  Sep-2010    1182 Points   Rs 118,200/-
  Aug-2010    1218 Points    Rs 121,800/-
 July-2010     862 Points    Rs 86,200/-
 June-2010    886 Points    Rs 88,600/-
  May-2010    861 Points    Rs 86,100/-
 April - 2010    365 Points   Rs 36500/-

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Why trading Bank nifty future?


Bank Nifty future is one of the highest trading instrument of National Stock Exchange Future market segment. There are many professional traders who trade only Bank Nifty future on regular basis for earning their livelihood. 

Now the big question is why ?

Here are few answers.

  • Bank Nifty future is one of the highest trading instrument , so the buy sell is hassle free and slippage is minimal due to high liquidity of the instrument.
  • Bank Nifty future range is quite high in day trading time frame , so , one can earn good money in a day out of Bank Nifty future movement or counter movements.
  • Bank Nifty future is momentum driven instrument, so , one can earn money quickly if he is right for a definite move which is likely to start for some time in near future.
  • As the momentum is higher , so the risk of loosing money quickly is also higher when trading this future , so , one should have tight and systematic trading plan .
  • To make money out of Bank Nifty future trading movements , one can take help from seasoned professional traders and advisors.
  • Consistency should the motto of anyone when selecting any market professional.
  • From our personal experience we know that , taking trial will not help , as one day or two day trial is not enough to judge any one , instead a series of continuous trading days will be best to judge the advisor.
  • Once you judge, that the consistency is good for the particular advisor , then the half of the battle is won , as now you are ready to put your hard earned money in the market and making some money trading Bank nifty future with advises received from that advisor is quite high to you. 
  • This believe comes from the consistency only , and not by taking one or two days trial from any one.
  • Again you know that the Bank Nifty advisor team is not Almighty God , so, they are also prone to failure some time like any full proof system failure , but remember carefully that, this risk should be limited to the stop loss point only.
  • So, next time onward when ever you search for an bank nifty tips advisor , please look for the consistency of advises given by the advisory team.




Now welcome to the Tradeliving team world.

have a detailed look at our Bank Nifty Tips Genuine Performance report and decide yourself .

  • We provide highest accurate Bank Nifty Future Tips only on day trading basis.
  • We are surviving for more than eleven years in this cut throat competitive trading world.
  • Our true power is the consistent maintenance of highest accuracy in Bank Nifty tips service day by day and year after year.
  • We are giving best bank nifty trading calls with lowest possible stop loss.
  • You can trade multiple lots as we are giving advises with lowest possible stop loss.
  • Bank nifty tips and advises with clear entry , targets. and stop loss . 
  • All advises with entry to exit complete follow up messages.
  • We will give complete follow up for and profit making and as well as loss making Bank nifty tips.
  • We give Bank Nifty Tips only on day trading basis , so, no overnight holding tension.
  • Our promise is to maintain our consistent Industry highest standard of advise.
  • We provide same tips to all clients (Hedge funds to Retail members to HNIs).
  • We are maintaining lowest and affordable package pricing taking into account our highest accuracy.
  • We update our Bank Nifty Tips Performance genuinely every day (within 15 minutes of  market closing time)
  • Our motto is the preservation of capital first and then earn some money (consistently).
  • So , what are you waiting for as a professional Bank Nifty Trader ?

Now please have a detailed look at our Bank Nifty Trading advises genuine Performance report which are updated daily (with out fail) and decide your self.



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